Disney Fairies Sweet Treats Dolls

“Have you seen pixies wearing Ice Cream Cones, Blackberries, and Cupcakes flying in the Hollow? Disney Fairies Sweet Treat doll sets are now available for purchase in stores and include unique, one-time codes to unlock one of these exclusive Silly Sweet fashions. Enter your code here to unlock the Silly Sweets, and earn your Sweet Treats Collection badge by entering codes from all three toys!”
Some of you may have noticed a badge that recently popped up in our leaf journals,
the Mainland Products badge (similar to the old clickables badges)

The toys are now onsale at Target, and it seems now they are on sale at Walmart aswell. They are $12.99 each (but i have heard that the cafe is a little higher in price), & in order to get the badge you need all 3

Questions & Answers
1. Where do I buy them?
❖The Disney Fairies Sweet Treat toys are available at Target and Walmart now

2. Where do I find the Secret Code?
❖Look inside of the packaging for a piece that says, “Flip over for code to unlock pixie sweets in Pixie Hollow!”

3. Where do I enter the code once I find it?
❖Enter it here (where you enter secret codes)

4. Should I clear my wardrobe & storage?
❖No, the codes do not give you clothing items or storage items

5. What do the codes unlock?
❖Each code unlocks a unique silly sweet

6. How many times can I use the same code?
❖You can only use one code per fairy, even if your account has three. All fairies on the same account will recieve the badge

7. I bought one, & entered the code, but I still dont have my badge
❖You need all three toys to get the badge

8. What if I dont live in the U.S?
❖The toys are only available in the us, hopefully later they will sell them on websites such as amazon & ebay

9. I went to target & walmart, but they don’t have them! What should I do!?
❖First, dont give up. Find out all of the stores in your area, & give them a call. If you can, figure out the item number. That way, they know exactly what your talking about. Next, if they do have one, dont be afraid to ask them to hold it for you.

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27 thoughts on “Disney Fairies Sweet Treats Dolls

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the images and finally clearing this up. No one else seemed to know what these dolls are and it was speculated that they were plastic jewelry like the Princess Cupcakes. You are doing a great job of keeping up with the latest Hollow news and your explanations are more concise and more quickly available than those at some of the fan sites and forums. PLEASE keep up the good work. I have you bookmarked as a main info source!

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! It’s nice to know that people are actually reading & learning a few things from my posts. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you! I purchased the tinker bell sweet treat fashion set (not cafe), i entered the code and nothing appeared different when i signed onto pixie hollow. my badge still says “0 of 3” and i didn’t get a unique special treat…I messaged tech support but they haven’t responded…did i do something wrong? fly with u..

    • Hello emily, no, I dont think you did anything wrong.
      Due to the pixie diamonds still being very new, & the release of the new clothes, the site is probably full of glitches still. Give it a day to show up, if it doesnt still, try to contact them through live chat (its faster that way) they will be able to manually put it in for you.

  3. Hey Strawberry. Is it possible to order the dolls over the computer? I really want them but my mom doesn’t shop where the dolls are and my dad won’t let me to to a toy store for a while. I need your help on this. Bye

  4. I was wondering if when you find out what the silly sweets you earn are, you would post them here. I’m not really that excited about the toys, but if the silly sweets seem worth it I might buy them.

  5. Hey Pixie Fans! I just thought I’d share that I found them on the Toys R Us website. Hope that helps!
    ~Gloriosa Flickerlace

  6. Omg! I might be able to get the dolls since my birthday is coming up!!!!!!!!! I just have to add them to my birthday list! Yay! :) :D =)

  7. Well, they have two of the dolls.
    Since the cafe’ cost 20 bucks, I got the Tinkerbell dress up kit.
    I am entering the code right about now.

  8. Hey do you know what I just realized? I just noticed that Tinkerbell and Rosetta have the same outfits, but different colors!

  9. i got 2 of 3 of the packs today. but when i went on secret codes it said it was invalid, and i didn’t use capital letters

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